Cerdos Mangalica en Hungría

The Story

The Mangalica race is the autochthonous Hungarian race of pigs, due to genetic characteristics and the climate of the region the Mangalica presents a high proportion of fat. Its best age was between 1850 an 1950 when fat had a higher value than meat. In the seventies and due to the import of precocious races and the fact that the meat gained in importance, the Mangalica lost its protagonism and the race was on the point of becoming extinct because of lack of demand.

Recuperation of the specie

In 1990 Jamones Segovia started a programme to recuperate the race. Through advertisements in the Hungarian press it was possible to find 90 females for reproduction.Today Jamones Segovia is the only company which breeds the three existing Mangalica varieties and has a livestock that guarantees the survival of the race.  The genetic characteristics and the totally natural feeding (corn, wheat and pasture) are the ideal base for an ideal raw material for the elaboration of cured ham.

The Product

Like the hams of the Iberian pig the hams of the Mangalica are small with subcutaneous fat and many interior fat infiltrations. The hams  are products of very high quality due to the carefully controlled diet and  the perfect fat infiltrations. The long curing porcess, that gives the products the characteristic flavour,  is possible thanks to the elevated fat proportion.

It is a different and exclusive product that presents the determining factors of a delicatessen: outstanding raw material and the experience in elaborating cured hams of Jamones Segovia.

Productos Mangalica