Family Jamones Segovia

Since 1898 dedicated to the production of ham.

Jamones Segovia is a fourth generation family-owned business and has continued to uphold the high standard of curing ham as our ancestors did: slowly and naturally with the air of the mountains.

To ensure our customers constant best taste, the least amount of salt and the best possible health guarantees, part of our team is dedicated to research and we combine artisan the means of control with the most advanced technologies.

Thanks to the traditional recipes of our grandfathers, the rigorous selection of the raw material that we select piece by piece and the slow curing process with the fresh mountain air, we achieve the characteristic aroma and flavor of our hams.
The quality, the advanced control systems during the production process and the strict hygienic standards have made Jamones Segovia well-known and appreciated in more than thirty countries worldwide.

Jamones Segovia: Ham made with patience


Useful data: 

Foundation: 1898

Activity: production of long cured Serrano, Ibérico and Mangalica ham

Annual production: 1.000.000 hams

Employees: 150

Plants 4:

Carbonero el Mayor I y II, Segovia.

El Rasillo, La Rioja.

La Dehesa de Guijuelo, Montejo – Salamanca.


In 1989 Jamones Segovia was one of the first 10 Spanish companies authorized to export to Europe. Since then we have continued to be one of the first producers authorized to export to the most demanding markets.

  • Certification of Serrano ham as Guaranteed Traditional Specialty.
  • Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español
  • Quality Standard Iberian Products
  • BRC certificate
  • IFS

In addition to authorization to export to all European countries Jamones Segovia has the special authorization to export to USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Rusia, Singapu etc…..